We deliver quality services to our participants with respect.


We empower our participants to become contributing members of the community.


We provide a friendly and nurturing environment where the carers and our participants’ families can work together.


We are a conscientious organisation dedicated to meeting all the relevant regulations while operating efficiently and responsibly.

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At Essential Care Victoria, we are committed to offering outstanding services that meet the needs, desires, and hopes of those with a disability and their families and carers.

We are a registered NDIS provider in Melbourne, and our team is specially selected to cater to your requirements and objectives. We provide a wide range of assistance to NDIS participants, from performing the chores of the house to developing daily life skills or even participating in the community. Our services are designed to make your life easier in a caring atmosphere.

We are NDIS Registered

Our Services

Household Tasks

Our team strives to offer exceptional services that address the requirements, wishes, and aspirations of people with disabilities, as well as their families and carers.

Our Services

Social & Community Care
At Essential Care Victoria, we understand that our clients have differing needs and wishes, so we offer a range of domestic services that can be tailored to meet those requirements.

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